Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Meet The Masters

From the Desk of Administrator  


WE have strong aims to make pencak silat spread all over the world by embedding think globally act locally quote inside. After the times we've searching for this purpose, now seems it can be realized by acting some simple works like do continuing exercises. As far as we know, pencak silat is working with practical-acts in life rather than theoretically speaks nor seminary things.

With courage and self-motivation now we've been practicing the traditional pencak silat at 'PANCORAN PADEPOKAN' along side with some kinda form of traditional pencak silat such as Sabandar, Cikaret, Kari Madi, and of course Persinas ASAD itself.  

Located at the roof top of Bait al-Maleek ar-Rahmaan Mosque (BMR) Pancoran South Jakarta, we have been enjoying exercise moments once a week. Damn WRONG if someone thought that this is kinda an ILLEGAL act of silat practice while "MR. WANHAT" had known what we are doing there and giving us chance to keep this small forum alive.  

Last but not least... We, as Persinas ASAD and Pencak Silat lovers, are going it alone to make our dreams come true, to keep the tradition exists, to keep Quran wa Sunnah alive. This is not just a sport nor a common martial arts. This is how we keep our faith. Herewith now I would like you to meet the Masters... I mean, the Future Silat Masters insha Allaah.  

Best Regards, Administrator

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